רודני קולין

"When true self-remembering comes, one does not
want to alter oneself, or others; one somehow rises above their
weaknesses and one's own. There can be no blame anywhere.
One swallows what is, and becomes free."

“As conscience grows, self-importance dies.”


“What does it mean, to become free? Free of what? Free for what? And how is it done? This is the question.
In that last time, Ouspensky seemed to show so clearly how. By accepting everything that life and death could bring, by not resisting, he became free.”


“All circumstances—good or bad—must change in time;
and if one can only pass through them equally, without being borne too much up or too much down, one becomes ready for other change. It is not the happy or tragic role that makes the difference between actors, but the way the role is played. Some parts of life are very hard. At the same time one can no longer wish it to be otherwise…”

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